A Tonne and a Half 🗑️
To all those who helped in any way with Beragh’s Big Litter Lift over the past week and a half, a resounding THANK YOU and virtual applause for doing your bit for our community. 👏 An outstanding amount of rubbish was collected and taken to the drop off point; over 1560kg in mass (over 1.5 T) !!!

This has been a very productive task which has benefited not just our local ecosystem, but has contributed to making permanent, positive steps toward a cleaner earth. 🌍
This community project has allowed us to come together with our families and lead by example for a cleaner, respectful and safer environment for all living things.

It goes without saying, we should all continue to lift any litter we come across in future. We may not be able to change or control the attitudes of those who feel it is acceptable to cast litter, but we do have full control over our own approach- let that be one which is mindful of the environment.

Thank you to every single person who has contributed to the huge success of this challenge.

We hope this project has helped make people more aware of litter and the danger it poses to our beautiful world 🗺 🌍 🌱

With most of the roads now completed, tomorrow and Monday will be the final stretch to get everything cleared up.

Posted by Beragh Red Knights GAA on Saturday, May 9, 2020

Sunday 9pm Update on Beragh’s Big Litter Lift 🗑️🌱

More action pics of our volunteers out this weekend, cleaning up the…

Posted by Beragh Red Knights GAA on Sunday, May 10, 2020

   Special thanks to Niall Farley who organised and co-ordinated the project and also dedicated many hours litter picking.
Your effort and time spent is greatly appreciated by the Parish.