Beragh Red Knights and Breacach Handball
Development Draw 2018

Development Draw an outstanding success!

The dates 18th September 2017 and the 27th May 2018 will be forever engrained in our minds.

252 days and over 8 months, when it appeared to many of us that time stood still. During those days approximately 100 Red Knights warriors braved all the elements that were thrown at them – over a harsh winter – as they meandered from club to club, county to county knocking doors in Tyrone, Fermanagh, Derry, Armagh, Antrim, Monaghan and Donegal and even further afield in pursuit of a sale.

Over 18,000 tickets sales later and our very challenging target of achieving £300k profit has been achieved and indeed surpassed. Everyone involved can hold their head high and push out their chests knowing that when their Club came calling they delivered in bucket loads. Raising this sort of money in such a short space of time took courage, commitment and a whole load of sacrifices but our men and women, boys and girls were not short in any of those traits.

This achievement now allows our Club to complete our ongoing development without any debt lingering over the Club on completion. Our new premises, will be one that we can all be very proud off and know that we have all played a significant part in ensuring it was put in place. The fact that it will benefit current and future generations of people in our Parish is also something we can reflect positively on.

Raising over £300k is a huge achievement and the Club is deeply indebted to all our sellers, to those who worked in the background co-ordinating our Draw, to those who provided sponsorship towards our Prize Fund and to those who bought tickets.

To the winners we congratulate you all.

A final word to our sellers and to their families who have also been burdened by this huge fund raising initiative. The history of this Club, when brought up to date will reflect very positively on your huge efforts but for now each and every one of you who sold tickets can take massive pride in a job that was really well done.
Thanks also to Tyrone GAA Chairman, Michael Kerr and Tyrone legend, Peter Cavavan for their support and attending.


Seamus Boyle, Club Chairman.

Gerard Treacy, Draw Co-ordinator.

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Draw Winners!

1st prize – £10,000.
Martin Magee, Belleek.

2nd prize – £5,000.
Cahal Faulkner, Garvagh, Derry.

3rd – 6th prize – £1,000 each.
Fergal Coyle – Maghera
Mickey Mc Crory, Shandon Park, Omagh.
Darcy McMenamin, Philadelpia/Tattyreagh.
Neil McCann, Tempo.

7th – 16th prize – £200 each.
James Breen, Tempo
Raymonn Gourley, Cookstown
Kate McGoldrick, Bellaghy
Gerard Hughes, Atlanta, USA
Jonah Hegarty, Draperstown
Lawrence Black, TC Autos
Aidan McGeown, Armagh
Malachy McGurk, Pomeroy
John Montague, Beragh
Quinn Automatic Contracts Management, Pomeroy

Due to the success of our draw a further 5 prizes of £100 each were drawn.
Ciaran Marshall, Cookstown
Teeny Woods, Moneymore
Clodagh Doyle, Barry Doyle, Siobhan Quinn, Carmel Hagan, Ardboe
Brandan McGuiness, Garrison
Francie Boylan, Glenfarne

1st Prize
2nd Prize
3rd – 6th Prize
7th – 16th Prize

A state of the art ‘Community Hub’ catering for all

sporting, social and recreational activities for people of all ages!

  • A multi-purpose indoor facility

  • Large Community Hall

  • A number of One-Wall courts

  • A fully equipped gym

  • An additional state of the art handball alley

  • A number of Community rooms

A major fund-raising effort is continuing in Beragh as part of a bid to establish
a new sports and community services hub for the village.

 Article from Febuary 2018

More than 100 volunteers from the Beragh Red Knights and Breacach Handball clubs will be visiting areas throughout Tyrone and neighbouring counties of Armagh, Derry, Monaghan and Fermanagh in the coming weeks and months in the hope of garnering support for its development draw.

The Mid Tyrone GAA club, which has been devastated by flooding in recent years, is nearing completion on a major scheme to secure its facilities indefinitely. This is the first phase of a two-part programme of works with the establishment of a sports and community services hub in the pipeline to commence in Spring 2018.

Already a central hub in Beragh, St Mary’s Park is home to one of the most successful handball clubs in Ireland.

Breacach Handball Club boasts Irish, European and World champions among its members. Sean Clarke said, “The interest in handball has grown significantly and demand for more alley space now outstrips what is available.”

Beragh’s proposed development would see the completion of a new state of the art handball alley, with a new sports hall offering three ‘one wall’ courts.

“With over 50 underage players, both boys and girls, and 30 adults vying for space, this development is most welcome,” added Sean.

The community in Beragh has also recognised the need for a new base for the local youth club.

Staffed by local volunteers and catering for around 100 local children from across the community, Beragh Youth Club is currently based in a school built in the late 1800s. No longer fit for purpose, the Youth Club needs a new home.

Gary Dawson, the Youth Club leader in charge explained, “With access to modern facilities we would be very keen to extend the programme that we offer and encourage more and more children to participate in sporting and social activities that meet their individual needs. Diversity and challenge are fundamental to engaging children and maintaining their interest.”

Beragh Red Knights chairman Seamus Boyle said the ambitious plan will ensure St Mary’s Park is a sporting, social and cultural hub for the rural community.

“The need to have a first class community building which can service our entire parish area has become very clear.

“The club are in the fortunate position that we now have all the necessary statutory approvals in place to construct a building which will address the community and sporting needs that have been determined. On completion of the Community Hub a range of statutory and voluntary partners have committed to delivering a variety of services which are aimed at enhancing the social, economic, physical and mental well-being of the people of Beragh and surrounding areas.

“We are also fortunate that we are well advanced in respect of receiving significant funding from a number of sources, but as is the case with such developments, we need to secure a sizeable amount of match funding.

“The club welcomes all support from across our own and neighbouring counties in its bid to provide key sporting and social facilities for our rural community.”

Tyrone GAA Chairman Michael Kerr (second from left), gives his endorsement to Beragh’s plan for a major new sports and community services hub. Also pictured (from left), is Seamus Boyle (club chairman), Seamus McCrory (handball development officer) and Ger Treacy (draw co-ordinator). (Photo: Pat McSorley)