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Beragh Red Knights GAA’s Gaelic Start Programme gets underway this week with the first session scheduled for Friday (March 6) from 7.15pm-8.15pm  in The Pavillion.

The one hour indoor sessions are for both boys and girls in the under-6 age group (primaries one and two/ages 3-6).

Gaelic Start will run over the next six weeks at the same time (7.15pm sharp – 8.15pm) on the following dates:

Fri 6th March 2014
Fri 13th March 2014
Fri 20th March 2014
Fri 27st March 2014
Fri 3rd April 2014
Fri 10th Mar 2014

In order to run this successfully we strongly encourage parent participation, but it is not essential.

Your child will enjoy their parent being there supporting and encouraging them in each game, as well as the parent enjoying watching their child learn a new skill.

Please feel free to contact the organisers if you have any queries

Paddy Kelly – 07899087545

EndaDonnelly – 07876223228

Stephen Farley  – (028) 80757289

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The Gaelic Start Programme allow kids to have a fun introduction to Gaelic sports through play without the stress of competition, and at the same develop skills that will help them develop the fundamental skills required for all Gaelic sports.

This involves children being put into groups and participating in a set of small games/stations.

The stations offer a variety of progressive, challenging and fun activities.

The children will be developing their agility, strength, hand to eye coordination skills while socially interacting with  other children their own age and doing this all through play.

Everyone Welcome.


Sport is a very important part of life. It is also one of the main ways to help children, young people and adults to keep fit and healthy and avoid becoming overweight.

Sporting skills and enjoyment learned in childhood build foundations for enjoyment of sport throughout life. Sport is a way of making exercise an enjoyable and social event.

Playing sport:

•  Improves physical fitness.

• Improves confidence through learning skills and success.

• Helps children to learn to control their impulses – this is necessary for success in sport as well as social relationships.

• Helps build friendships.

• Starts lifetime interests.

• Helps children learn about rules and fair play.

• Helps children to cope with winning and losing.

• Helps children do better at school work.

Children and young people who play and enjoy sport are less likely to join in anti-social activities.

GS 3


Children under 8, need to have the freedom to play, explore and learn the skills of throwing and catching, kicking and hitting a ball, jumping and running in an enjoyable way.

Parents can play an important role in playing games with children that help them to learn these skills in an enjoyable way without pressure. For example kicking a ball to each other in the backyard or park, throwing a ball through a hoop, or playing bat and ball games where everyone has a turn and the scores are not counted. Children need lots of practice at doing well before they can learn to lose.