There was much excitement in the Club as Tyrone prepared for the All-Ireland Final against Dublin but to add to the excitement was the arrival of popular comedy duo ‘The two Johnnies’ to Beragh Red Knights pavilion.

The reason being, our u16 player, Jonathan Owens entered an online video skills competition in conjunction with AIB. One winner from both Dublin and Tyrone were selected and Johnny’s video of an impressive side-line free kick was victorious for the Red Hand County! The Two Johnnies arrived to Beragh and surprised Jonathan at this house and presented him with his prize – two All-Ireland Final tickets.

But there was a catch.
The Two Johnnies did not let our own Johnny away with it that easy! In order to win the tickets, Jonathan was challenged with the task of scoring the same score again!

They proceeded to the pitch and received a warm welcome from the large crowd that gathered to cheer Jonathan on!  There was great fun and excitement as Jonathan’s 1st and 2nd attempts skimmed the post, the pressure was on, however one final attempt at the side line kick and Jonathan hit the ball over the bar to the delight of his friends and teammates who had great craic celebrating with The Two Johnnies!
The Two Johnnies had recorded their point of view on their popular Instagram, Snapchat and AIB Social Media accounts which with out a doubt have thousands of followers!

It was then time for a cup of tea for all to conclude the afternoon. The Two Johnnies were very impressed with our facilities and the warm reception they received and much to the delight of our youth players they talked, took ‘selfies’ and had fun.

The Club are very proud of Jonathan!
No doubt he will be taking scores like this in Croke Park some day…