Congratulations to the U14 Girls team on their momentous league final victory, crowing the team Grade 3 Double Champions!
The girls overcame Cookstown 6-06 to 2-0. Well done to the girls and Tony McCrory and Gerard Mc Williams for their commitment and dedication since January!

Thanks to Tony for this great match report…

Grade 3 League Final, 09/09/16
– Beragh Red Knights: 6-6, Cookstown: 2-0.

Scorers – Dervla Farley 4-3,  Sorcha given 1-0, Saoirse Donnelly 0-2, Kerry Mcnamee 1-0, Eilish O’Neill 0-1,

B – be Brave
E – energETIC
R – resilient . Don’t back down
A – aggressive
G – goals
H – become HEROES

On a windswept and wet night up in garvaghey, Beragh red Knights took to the pitch determined to create a little bit of history for themselves and for Beragh ladies to win the u14 grade 3 title. The double was the real prize not just the league.

Nerves were evident as it was easy to get caught up in the occasion but anxiety was soon replaced with confidence as the girls focused on the task at hand. What seemed the impossible at the start of the year now was possible. Fight or flight decided. They would all fight! Toss lost we would play against a strong breeze. Kickouts had to be short and Sara Devlin the target. This worked well but the strong breeze caused severe problems so the plan was to carry ball and keep the goal count down for the first half. Two early goals subdued the support but not the players. In fact this was the spark that lit the fire in the girls bellies. Working hard defensively and running hard in midfield, the ball was worked superbly up the field. Bridghin, tracking her forward was now a “forward”. Involved in a move with Saoirse, Eilish and Sorcha, a point was crafted following some great teamplay. Dervla Farley began her scoring blitz with a fine point. Cookstown tried to short pass and run the ball which was probably not the best tactic in the first half with wind advantage as it played into Beragh’s strengths of tackling and turning over ball. Following brilliant defensive work from Tara Gorman, Iarlagh grimes and Saoirse Donnelly, Beragh worked the ball up to dervla Farley who scored a goal in clinical fashion. This style of play encapsulates what this Beragh team is about! Cookstown continued to attack but Beragh’s defence were fantastic, attacking every ball, being competitive on the loose ball, they continued to win the 50/50s. They say this game is a game of inches. Not an inch was given by this Beragh team.

If Cookstown wanted it they would have to fight for it. They did but Beragh wanted it more . Every single player left it out there. Played to the best of their ability. That’s what was asked off them and that’s what we got. In particular sarah Devlin, Tara Gorman and iarlagh grimes excelled in their defensive duties. Courage and belief in what they were doing was there for all to see. Attack after attack was thwarted by this resilient defence. Counterattacks led to more scoring opportunities for Beragh. A free from dervla closed the gap. Again excellent playby Eilish o Neill, Aoife Donnelly and Bridghin MC Nally set up dervla for her second goal. A typical run from Saoirse Donnelly resulted in a great point from play. Dervla Farley following excellent play from the right wing from bronagh MC Williams scored another fine point against the breeze.

Beragh finished the first half 2-2 to 2-0. teamwork had won the first half – working hard and supporting each other. This was the inspiration for the second half. Growing in confidence and self belief the game was there for Beragh to lose. With the breeze at their backs the advantage and momentum was now with Beragh. Cookstown tried to run the ball but beragh’s defence were having none of it! They nullified attack after attack. Aoife Donnelly and Saoirse Donnelly continued to run the lines supporting defence and forwards but the early ball into the forward was now paying dividends. Dervla Farley was pivotal in scoring and assisting with Beragh’s 2nd half scores. Her ability to get out in front and shoot on the turn demonstrated her class. Two goals in the second half and a brilliant point from play left her with an excellent tally of 4-3. Saoirse Donnelly converted another point from play and this was shortly followed by an excellent point from play from captain Eilish o Neill. Rising star Kerry MC Namee got her trademark goal around the box managing to get the ball over the line after scrappy defending. Beragh were now in the ascendency. Fitness and a positive demeanour was overpowering the Cookstown girls who looked deflated after 10 minutes in the second half. Sorcha givens goal compounded their situation as she scored her “usual” 30!yard goal. Emotions were running high as we awaited for the final whistle. It was a special occasion, a special moment when it finally blew . It was a bit of history and a memory that will remain with them for we U14 double champions. What seemed wholly unachievable at start of year had been achieved!

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