All ladies welcome to join Beragh Red Knights
Gaelic for Mothers and Others training.

The Gaelic4Mothers&Others initiative is an innovative way to introduce mothers and other women to playing Ladies Gaelic Football. Mothers often drop their kids to training and call back to collect them, but the Ladies Gaelic Football Association wants to change that, and we at Beragh Red Knights want to change that too!

The Gaelic4Mothers&Others initiative sees women of all ages and abilities playing Gaelic Football in a fun, non-competitive and social environment.It provides an opportunity for women to get their recommended weekly exercise in a fun way while meeting other mothers in the area. The initiative has proved hugely popular with women of all ages and has taken off in all 32 counties with success stories popping up all over the country.

You could be a past player or you could have no experience at all. It doesn’t matter.
Anyone interested in joining the craic/training just turn up, you would be made very welcome.

Training takes place at St.Mary’s Park Beragh on Wednesday evenings at 8:30 – 9:30pm.

Come along and give it ago!

The Proof Is In The Pudding

National Development Manager for the Ladies Gaelic Football Association, Paula Prunty, said
‘This initiative is really thriving for the Association and the reason for its success can certainly be attributed to how it allows women of all ages and abilities to play our National sport, for example we have women over 40 years of age playing who have never played football before taking up this initiative. Anyone that would like to take part next year literally just needs a football and a place to play, it really is that simple!’

For more infomation contact Lisa: 07834 230893